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ECOTONE™ Acoustic Movable Wall Partitions

ECOTONE Systems is a manufacturer & supplier of acoustic Movable Walls partition & Sliding Folding walls Partitions, acousitc sliding wall Panels in noida India and ECOTONE is committed to making your space work harder and our range of products has been designed to meet this challenge. We will help to select the correct and perfect system for best utilization of your space. With the ever increasing cost of property there has never been a better time to utilise space more effectively and movable wall systems (also known as operable walls / sliding partition) are increasingly seen as a cost effective option to achieve this goal.

ECOTONE™ provide movable wall partitions for a large and small space such as a conference hall where a moveable wall is called for, or a office conference space to be divided by one of our concertina partitions,

The ECOTONE™ sliding folding partition look to meet the demands of contemporary designs. All of our systems are made to measure and specifically designed to meet the customer’s specification.

ECOTONE™ movable wall partitions are acoustically treated, the 100 mm thick partition filled with sound absorbing and damping layer to achieve 50STC acoustic performance, ECOTONE™ is proud to announce the introduction of operable partition acoustic performance with an unprecedented industry leading 55 STC along with automatic operation courtesy top and bottom seal mechanism. ECOTONE™ also provides fire rated movable wall partition which is 1-hour fire rated.

ECOTONE™ partition having omni-directional or individual, single panels are manually operated and offer optimum room flexibility. The track system enables the panels to negotiate angles and intersections and be moved to alternate locations. Curved and self-sorting track systems are available as well. Single panels are often used in hotel ballrooms and meeting rooms and convention centers; however, they can be used in every type of facility.

Advantages ECOTONE™ movable wall partitions

  • Solves complex layout challenges
  • Intelligent and Flexible space utility
  • Satisfies high ceiling requirements with custom engineered panels up to 50STC
  • Simplifies setup and storage with the use of easy suspension system
  • Accommodates wide variations in floor conditions
  • Optimal for usage in conference, multi-purpose, hospitality and convention facilities
  • Satisfies high ceiling requirements with custom engineered panels up to 50′ high
  • Accommodates wide variations in floor conditions
  • Simplifies setup and storage with the use of the suspension system
  • Optimal for usage in conference, multi-purpose, hospitality and convention facilities, Creating extra revenue in Hotels, Conference Halls, Convention Centers by holding several smaller functions as well as large ones
  • The most favouring advantage is it provides excellent high privacy, energy savings and at the same time aesthetically appealing flexibility (Layouts of the room can be changed as per the venue requirements) in the form of sound proofing.

ECOTONE™ Partition System Design:-

A) Partition face finishes design

1. The face finishes are made to coordinate ceiling style and the surrounding decoration, face
Finishes can be made by customer in field, or made at ECOTONE factory.

2. Custom face finishes: Melamine board, high-pressure laminate, wood veneer, wall paper,
Wall fabric (with sponge or without sponge), color steel plate.

B) Stacking methods: stacking of partition having so many option which make it easy to store .

  • Centre Stacking
  • One Side Stacking
  • Two Side Stacking

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