Acoustical Curtain

ECOTONE™ Acoustic Curtain for Doors & Windows

ECOTONE™ is a specialist company offering acoustic curtains to control Road noise entry inside the rooms having door / window towards road / railway or public place which create very high noise and cause disturbance.

These curtain can be use to control outside Noise entry from door & window. The size of curtain can be providing according to window and door size. These curtains are very effective and control noise entry inside the building.

These acoustic curtains are fitted with Velcro and grommet to close door / window from all sides to block noise entry inside the building. The acoustic curtain made out of good acoustic insulation. The STC rating of this acoustic curtain is 15 STC.


ECOTONE™ Soundproof Curtains for Industrial Noise Control

ECOTONE™ provide sound proof curtain that actually does have effective soundproofing properties for Noise control in industrial use. These curtains have acoustic insulation layer sandwiched in between fabric and quilted. The sound curtain made out of fiberglass with a layer of mass-loaded vinyl in the middle.

The industrial-grade acoustic curtains have an STC rating of 25 to 33 which is the best performance to control machine noise. These curtains are semi-rigid and do not bunch or fold as do ordinary curtains. They also require heavy-duty tracking systems or frames to support their weight. Noise barrier curtains are used to reduce noise from industrial machinery, compressors, generators, or pumps.


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