ECOTONE ™ Clip in Perforated wall Tile

The Clip-in perforated wall tile system consists of square tiles or rectangular panels of size 600 mm x 600mm OR 600mm x 1200mm is manufactured out of 0. 50 mm thick regular modified polyester coated galvanized steel OR Aluminum at both sides OR the tiles can be coil coated or powder coated in multiple colors. Perforation can be 2.5mm or 1.7mm which can be clipped on to carriers which are profiled to receive the tiles. Two sides of each tile are raised and piped and stopped to ensure positive engagement into the spring tee and yet allow for the demounting of individual tiles or panels.

These tiles can be fixed on wall with 50mm / 75 mm acoustic insulation backing which have NRC 1.0. The tiles are available in multi color which will give very good esthetic look.

The uses of these tiles are in Auditorium, Stadium, Cinema hall, banquet, Mall, Engine Test cell, Industrial room acoustic treatment.


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