Wood fiber acoustic tiles

ECOTONE™ Wood Fiber Ceiling Acoustic Tiles

ECOTONE™ Interior Ceiling acoustic Panels made out of wood fiber offer an effective, permanent and good performance acoustic solution for any kind of activity like Auditorium , Theater , Stadium , Meeting halls , Offices , Schools etc. that produces undesirable noise levels within an enclosed space.

ECOTONE™ wood fiber Ceiling acoustic tiles are without fabric laminated wood fiber acoustic tiles is abuse-resistant and are able to withstand repeated impact, yet are lightweight. WF ceiling Panels are easy to install in new construction and in existing buildings for effective sound control.

ECOTONE™ wood fiber Ceiling acoustic tiles are 15 mm thick covered with Acoustically Transparent Fabric on the front side with an option of colors as per the choice of the Architect/ person in charge of size 595 X 595 mm Highly recommend for acoustic false ceiling has excellent noise absorption 15 mm NRC 0.70 as per ISO: 354-1985 and ASTM 423-90 a, Density 400-450 Kg/ m3, meets stringent Fire Ratings ASTM D- 876, weather resistance as per IS 3308, Thermal Insulation as per IS:3346-1980 with relative humidity of 90% RH at 60o Celsius(140o Fahrenheit) for 15 days= No deterioration. Tested as per EN 131682001 .Can be provided in various colors subject to approval of Architect/Client as per his specific requirement and finish.


ECOTONE™ wood fiber Ceiling Acoustic Tiles is installed as a lay-in tile in Grid T 24 /T15 / Silhouette T framework for suspended modular ceilings. Tiles can be easily dismantled for services work & reinstall.

Technical Properties

Product ECOTONE™ WF & WFF Ceiling Acoustic Tiles
Sizes 595 x 595mm
Thickness 15mm
Edge Profile Squire edge
Fire Rating Tested as per ASTMD -876
Density 400-450 kg/m3
Mass Per Unit Area Thermal Conductivity 0.182 w/m.k
Bending Strength 2118KPa
Compressive Strength 1233 Kpa at 10% deflection
Water Resistance No detioration
Shades / Colours Unlimited shades available in special acoustical colours

NRC Values 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000
0.27 0.45 0.90 0.93 0.85 0.78

Finishes Available

ECOTONE™ wood fiber Ceiling Acoustic Tiles available in different finishes

  • Raw wood fiber finish – available in different acoustically transparent color
  • Fabric finish – front face finished with fire retardant fabric of verity of colors
  • Smooth finish – front face laminated with acoustic fleece with color options